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Emotional Intelligence Master Class

Soft skills are more improtant than ever, especially for leaders and senior members of our tea. Few companies offer a systematic education around emotional intelligence and safe space to practice various skills. In the Emotional Intelligence Immersive, participants will gain powerful mindsets and transform their relationships with colleagues, family, and themselves.

Upgrade Your EQ

Learning Culture Kickstarter

Most companies struggle to engage employees with their training programs yet employees spend as much as 5x more time learning on their own than using employee-sponsored programs. I can help you design effective, engaging L&D programs backed by research - your team will thank you!

Tech Leadership Master Class

Transitioning into tech leadership is often challenging and fraught with peril...but it doesn't have to be this way! The Tech Lead Immersive course is designed to equip tech leads with enough foundational knowledge to lead a team and the right mindsets to establish a healthy iterative loop to grow over time.

DevOps Immersive

The tech industry is rife with conjecture on the "right" way to build high performing teams. The Dev Ops Theory and Practice course explores evidence-based best practices across technology decisions, engineering leadership, product management and more. This is suitable for inexperienced engineers who are just getting started or experienced leaders curious about the latest trends.

I'm a leadership coach and consultant with more than a decade of experience building software for companies like Facebook and Asana. I have a wealth of experience to share and a passion for growing engineers and leaders.  

I believe that great leaders are like magnets - they align people to transform their collective raw talent into something much greater and produce other leaders who do the same. Exceptional leaders can transform entire companies.

I'm excited to help you be magnetic by sharing the many frameworks I've collected and developed using research on systems thinking, learning theory, and dev ops best practices. I'll help you employ evidence-based approaches to ensure you remain on the cutting edge of engineering leadership. Start upgrading your mental models today!

Kwame Thomison

Founder and Principal, Magnetic